About Epilepsy.science

Collaborative cloud-based management, publishing and sharing of epilepsy scientific data

What are we doing here at Epilepsy.Science?

Epilepsy.Science is a new cloud-based platform for managing, analyzing, publishing, and sharing scientific datasets to accelerate epilepsy research. Led by PennSieve and the Brain Data Science Platform (BDSP) and with support from the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program, we are creating an unparalleled open data resource for the epilepsy community.

The mission of Epilepsy.Science is to drive progress in understanding, treating, and ultimately curing epilepsy through open access to multidimensional epilepsy data at scale. The platform provides over 200,000 EEG recordings from diverse contexts including routine outpatient EEGs, critically ill patients, and epilepsy monitoring unit evaluations. As it grows, it will also include extensive accompanying clinical data like medications, imaging, genetics, and more from institutions worldwide.

Researchers can use Epilepsy.Science to easily build customized cohorts by connecting data points across datasets. The platform enables scientists to publish -- at no cost -- high quality datasets for citation, reuse, and reproducible research. By promoting open science, Epilepsy.Science aims to accelerate discoveries and improve patient outcomes.

This collaboration brings together:

  • Pennsieve’s scalable data management and sharing capabilities and graph-based data integration model.
  • BDSP’s extensive data resources including over 200,000 EEG recordings and genetics, imaging, and clinical data. BDSP also contributes a library of open-source analytics tools.
  • The AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program covers the cost of storage for publicly available high-value cloud-optimized datasets. We work with data providers who seek to democratize access to data by making it available for analysis on AWS, develop new cloud-native techniques, formats, and tools that lower the cost of working with data, and encourage the development of communities that benefit from access to shared datasets.

Epilepsy.Science offers unprecedented opportunities for open, collaborative epilepsy research through its powerful data resources, analytics tools, and cloud-based platform.